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Please be sure to upload in documents a picture both the FULL paper doctors recommendation AND California Drivers License -- If your ID does not match delivery address we will also require a THIRD form of proof of residency (Ex. Current Utility Bill - Lease Agreement) UNLESS UNVERIFIED ADDRESS


Please be sure to upload in documents a picture of your California Drivers License 21+ w/ accurate delivery address.


-IF the ID doesn't have the delivery address, secondary proof of residency verifying delivery address (Ex. Utility Bill - Lease Agreement) You can leave the medical card information blank when submitting. UNLESS UNVERIFIED ADDRESS

Unverified Resident

If you are visiting our area, or your not able to prove residency at the address you are residing at, please fill out the form as normal, we have limited delivery options that you can read more about here:

Drivers License
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Proof Of Residency
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