Why Say No To Illicit Market


Here in California, us in the legal cannabis market have been struggling to fight against the illicit market when it comes to taxes, ease of access, and general regulations. Higher Elevation strives to overachieve every goal that our California cannabis regulators have set before us. We go the lengths needed to inform our general community about the dangers of using one of these illegal operators.


Recently, Higher Elevation received an email in regards to a local, illegal delivery operator that was selling his clients. To the highest bidder, your private information was given to this individual, if utilized, was sold and traded without any kind of consent or terms of service regarding such trade. This really bothers us, because we try to give the best to our clients by keeping their information safe. Seeing a display of such negligence by one of these operators really goes to show that everyone needs to be careful about the services they use, and understand the person that is receiving your personal information.


One of the biggest issues with clients giving us their personal information whether or not it's safe to do so. You always run the risk but you can really nullify that risk if you verify the legitimacy of the business that you use. We ask our clients to always double check the license of the business you are using. Even if you decide to use another service than Higher Elevation, we ask you all to stay safe.


Use capotcheck.com to check the State of Californias license search database.

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