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Higher Elevation is proud to present a custom application that will give instant access to the web application we have come familiar to using. Because this app is "Facilitating Schedule 1 Sales", It is prohibited from being distributed on the typical Android Play Store and the equivalent Iphone app store even though California has legalized cannabis sales from licensed retailers. Because of this- We are distributing the application for direct to download here on our site. Please note, these downloads are 3rd party, and will require installation from "Unknown Sources". This app follows the same privacy policy on our website, and can also be found in our app. We use Google Drive to distribute Android .APK file that will require a download and direct installation from the file. Iphone will be distributed through Dropbox using a sideloader that will also require permissions to download. These apps are safe for use and use Higher Elevation private servers will be the main line of distribution

LIC# C9-0000222-LIC

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